Your Image

It's a reflection of your thoughts & self-being... a mental portrait of your physical apperance, a portrait of what makes you special.

At Runways, you can always depend on us for excellence, we have made it our business to provide you with a variety of services you need to define and change your image.

Shaping your Image

Runways is committed to helping you define your image ~ ~ ~ by offering you expert care and advice you need to look and feel your absolute best.
We are up and currant on what is in style and in fashion on the runways~~~
We love creating woman's hairstyles and maintaining mens fashion~~~
And we are fully committed to setting, and maintaining, the highest of standards in the beauty industry.

Runways Salon

Runaway to Runways and experience the difference !!!

Get yourself the most breathtaking, stunning, hair style that you'll ever see--here or anywhere else.



Our salon strives to place new clients with a stylist that will best suit their needs. However, sometimes not every stylist and client are a perfect match. Having their own individualized style and technique, it may take several visits for the stylist to achieve a particular “look”. If you were at all dissatisfied with your service, please call us as soon as possible as we will redo the service for you.