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~~ GOLDWELL delivers optimum color reliability every step of the way allowing you to have the most vibrant color possible, across the entire color spectrum –with the best possible protection for the hair.

Features and Benefits:

  • Highly Impressive Color Results:
  •  Natural Shades for 100% grey coverage, even on resistant hair
  • Highlift Shades for a beautiful blonde result in one single step
  • Intensive Red Shades for the highest brilliance and optimum durability

      •Over 100 intermixable shades available

The Integrated Protect System ensures brilliant, even color results that last. Their patented Coenzyme Technology* protects the inner structure of the hair from oxidative damage by neutralizing potentially harmful free radicals.

The Color Equalizer Polymer balances structural differences on the hair surface and surrounds the hair to create the ideal environment for even penetration of color from root to end

Rich Color Experience:

     •Vibrant, intensive reds with super shine

     •Top Results: Notably improved color stability with excellent durability

     •Highest Quality: Based on the powerful dyestuff combination

     •Pure Versatility: Six expressive reds from warm to cool – even taking care of the ultra intensive red and red-violet color characters

     •Perfect Color Performance: Glossy vibrant reds – even on dark base


100% grey coverage with multi-depth reflection

Features & Benefits

     •The revolutionary Reflects System enhances color through a combination of three unique tones shining out from deep within the hair.

     •Dimensional, youthful color results are quick and easy to achieve without mixing multiple shades.

     •Creamy color mass ideal for coarse, grey hair.

     •The Integrated Protect System provides brilliant, even and durable color results.

NEW INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY: The innovative Reflects3 System enhances color dimension through a combination of three reflects shining out from deep within the hair. A perfect concentration of natural intensive reflects cover grey hair. Plus two integrated color reflects ensure a lively, natural grey coverage result.

Topchic HiBlondes Control provides one-step lifting and toning in a single process, with the best possible protection for the hair. Highlift shades can be used to achieve natural or fashion blonde shades without pre-lightening. The Highlift Control Formula provides perfectly adjusted pigment concentration in every highlift shade to achieve the desired blonde tone on various base levels.

Colorance ,the ultra-shine demi-permanent hair color, offers intensive long-lasting color with extraordinary shine on all hair types. Due to its unique technology, Colorance provides the service options to answer all client demands with brilliant color results that last. The patented Coenzyme technology protects the hair structure during coloring by neutralizing free radicals, providing the unique Colorance performance and quality.

Features & Benefits:

     •Superior technology for long-lasting, intensive colors

     •Brilliant shine, even on difficult hair structures

     •Over 60 intermixable Acid shades •Expressive Max Reds shades for ultra intensive reds

     •NN shades for natural grey coverage of up to 75% •Mix shades for creative work and color correction

Whether its grey coverage or fashion effects, more and more clients who have an intensive toning treatment have ever higher demands, yet still shy away from permanent color. Colorance shades deliver the perfect solution and meet all clients' demands with guaranteed quality:

     •Color Balancing – for long-lasting, brilliant color results

     •Blondie Toning – durability and shine, even on porous hair

     •Color Correction – reliable with a healthy gloss

     •Intensive Demi-Coloring Service – for ultra-intensive, long-lasting fashion results


Colorance, the ultra-shine demi-permanent hair color by GOLDWELL offers intensive, long-lasting colors with extraordinary shine, even on damaged hair structures. Its advanced technology guarantees brilliant blondes with optimum durability and makes the Colorance Blonde Toning Service the ideal solution for all blonde color clients.

Blonde Toning is a service performed in the salon which:

  •  Refines and customizes warm, neutral and cool tones during the in-salon service
  •  Restores shine, condition, tone and revitalizes blonde hair in between salon visits

Colorance Blonde Toning services provide the best choice to prevent hair damage, which can lead to fading, unevenness and off-tones.

Features and Benefits:

     •A wide range of blonde effects for neutral, warm and cool tones

     •Even, clear results with longer durability

     •Advanced technology for long-lasting, intensive blonde results

     •Brilliant shine, even on damaged hair structures

     •The final result shows improved color clarity, durability and manageability

After repeated highlighting, hair often becomes over-lightened and looks unnatural. Until now, a time consuming two-step color process was required to return over-lightened hair to a natural blonde.

Colorance Lowlights combines the tried and tested Acid technology with the new IPP System (Integrated Pre-Pigmentation). This formula contains a special combination of warm color pigments, which are specifically adjusted to the needs of over-lightened hair and penetrate the hair upon application. This eliminates the need for additional pre-pigmentation.

Features and Benefits:

  • Natural light dark effects that make hair look like it has been highlighted for the first time
  •  Optimum durability even on stressed hair structures
  •  Controlled color results
  •  Innovative technology with integrated pre-pigmentation
  •  Four shades ranging from neutral to warm